We appreciate your time and the trust you place upon us when you decide to have your first dental exam with us.

Therefore, the first dental examination with us is not only a formality, but also the most important step of our relationship, upon which you will be fully informed about your condition.

The unique first visit at Dentorium consists, in fact, of two hourly visits, that result in detailed therapy plan.

Prvi pregled u Dentoriumu

During your first visit, we gather information about you that will help us understand a detailed picture and plan a rehabilitation in the most efficient and transparent way.

In addition to a pleasant but informative talk, we will do a functional and medical examination, take a Photo - Video Protocol that includes multi-angled facial images (photographs and video), and make radiographic images (X - rays) and CT scans.

Between your first and second visit, our team will analyse the collected information.

During your second visit, while sitting with you in front of the screen with all gathered files, we will thoroughly present all the information, analyse the current health, function and aesthetics of the teeth, and explain the treatment options.

With your assistance, we will define a therapy plan and clearly define the steps of the work, the duration of the therapy and the finances. In this way, we have ensured that you, as a patient, are directly involved in decisions made about therapy.

Prvi pregled u Dentoriumu
Vanessa Pibernik - koordinatorica

Meet your Coordinator

Besides all this, we aim to make your Dentorium experience enjoyable and the process transparent every step of the way.

Therefore, as soon as you enter our dental studio, you get your own coordinator. Vanessa is the link between you and the team. She advises you, ensures that you fully understand each stage of therapy, and helps you make an informed decision about therapy plan, taking into consideration your time and financial abilities.

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