Dentorium dental studio completely covers all dental treatments and procedures. The emphasis is on specialty in the fields of aesthetics and implantology, with a primary focus on functional-aesthetic rehabilitation.

To obtain diagnosis and treatment plan, the first examination that consists of two visits is needed. During the first visit we take all the necessary photo documentation. During the second, we go through a detailed analysis together.

A holistic approach allows us to take a detailed look at the current situation, identify possible causes of the problem, and determine our goal.

You receive your analysis, treatment plan, with detailed prices and duration of work phases. This is the moment when your questions are welcome, and we give you the time you need to clearly understand the proposed work plan and the reasons to it.

First visit- photo protocol 40 €
First visit- diagnostics and analysis      60 € 
Free 30-minute consultations / second opinionFREE OF CHARGE
Radiographic image15 €
Radiographic image – panoramic   30 €
Dental scaling, sanding and polishing 70 € 
Composite restorations (filings), aesthetical restorationsfrom  65 €
Root canal treatment (microscope)  from  70 €
Root canal fiber post (carbon of glass fibers)from  40 €
Perio treatment / gingivoplasty from  75 €
Dental implants from 920 €
Superstructure on dental implants     from  90 €
Ceramic crown/ veneerfrom  350 €
Teeth whitening480 €
DigitalSmileDesign + wax up + mock up 380 €
Functional wax up      820 €
Occlusal splints290 €
Simple Smile orthodontic treatmentfrom 1000 €

Payment methods


Cash payment 

We grant a 5% discount on cash payments. Payment currency in euros.


Financing through loans

At Dentorium, we can offer you the possibility of financing dental services through loans in certain banks in Croatia. If you need help with financing, feel free to contact us for details and information.


Bank cards

You can pay for dental services with debit and credit cards (Maestro, Master, VISA electron, VISA up to 6 installments and Diners up to 14 installments).