5 questions for Vanessa

1. Vanessa, how did you choose a career at Dentorium? I wanted a change and a new challenge. What attracted me to Dentorium was its original and innovative approach. I was enchanted by their infectious smile, enthusiasm and the level of confidence that Daniel and other team members showed towards my work. We may have

5 questions for Mia

1. Mia, how did you choose a career in dentistry? What inspired and encouraged you? It happened by a chance… I always loved to learn something new and to upgrade my knowledge, so after finishing my physiotherapy training, I started a dental assistant education, only to discover that this role fits me perfectly! Currently, I

5 questions for Dr. Tijana

1. Dr. Tijana, how did you choose a career in dentistry? What inspired and encouraged you in arriving at that decision? I was interested in science even during elementary and high school and noticed that I like to learn meaningful and logical things, while everything else that had to be memorised and learnt by heart
After talking to Dr. Daniel, we explore the other side of that story. Our 5 questions were also answered by student Mario Gržančić who, under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel, has had the opportunity to learn and obtain his first experiences. We asked about his motives, desires and vision of dentistry. We are happy to

5 questions for Dr. Daniel

When providing a service, the best showcase of quality is passion for the business owners and their employees, which are embedded in their work. Everyone who knows Dr. Daniel will agree that, for him, dentistry is not just another job; it’s a calling that enables him to positively impact the lives of others. In addition
Dental photography is a communication tool between dentists and patients, then again for dentists, specialists and technicians; it allows us to document all the key phases of our work: analysis of the current condition of each patient monitoring the performance of the case final work Why is this a win-win situation for both the dentist
Our world changed when we changed our attitude towards what we do. To create and discover new smiles is not the same as fixing teeth. Whether or not we like it, sometimes we inevitably need to cross the line of patients’ personal space to look for an impression, a feeling, their temper and character. We
What are aesthetic reconstructions or fillings? Aesthetic reconstruction or filling means to completely replicate the shape and colour of the teeth. For functional reasons, it is not enough to just fill the hole (cavity) with a composite material. The picture shows the replacement of amalgam fillings, under which a cavity has developed. We used the
What is an endodontic treatment? Endo treatment takes care of root canals, which includes nerve extraction, cleaning and dilation of root canals and the subsequent filling of the space. When is this treatment required? Tooth root treatment is required in the case of nerve inflammation (acute inflammation), or when you need to treat a dead