Patient: Suzana

Patient: Suzana

Complex functional – aesthetic rehabilitation

With the help of DSD – Digital Smile Design, we got the exact measures for:

  • Future positions and shape of teeth
  • Positions for dental implant placement after extraction of a fractured tooth

You know when you want something in life and you put it off all the time and then you see beautiful photos of satisfied patients and you think I would love having such a nice smile too. That’s how my story with the Dentorium dental studio started. Somehow,it immediately started with the right feeling and after the first examination when Dr. Daniel presented Digital Smile Design to me I knew I had come to the right place and in the right hands. Everything is as he promised me it would be, nice teeth, a wide smile and somehow a new me.
The great team, Dr. Tijana and Mia and Ana, all worked hard to make me happy. Lots of laughter and encouragement, so for a moment that’s enough you forget where you are. At the entrance you are always greeted by a smiling and professional Martina, one can ask her countless questions … thank you dear.

Suzana prije poslije

Therapy plan in chronological order:

  • Extraction of a fractured tooth and immediate mounting of the implant with a temporary crown
  • Teeth whitening
  • Ceramic crown on implant with individual zirconium abutment
  • Ceramic crowns

When losing teeth in the aesthetic zone (the front), the greatest challenge is to preserve of soft tissues, ie the surrounding gums. Due the limited tissue resource, a precise and predictable plan is of utmost importance. Also, with Suzana, it was extremely important to establish the correct function, which resulted in the aesthetics of the smile.

Suzana’s new smile!

Dr. Daniel loves his job very much, he dedicates himself to the patient up to the maximum and has an eye for every detail that brings you to a perfect smile. To break the fear that he naturally recognizes, he also adds interesting stories. Pleasant ambience and always good music !!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!
– Suzana

Case performed by: Daniel Žgombić, and Tijana Brajković Cindrić,
Technicians: DentalInPuls (Dt.Mauro Ahmić, Dt.Sandi Trkulja)