Dr. Daniel Žgombić

By the side of his father, recognised dentist, Dr Antun Žgombić, Dr Daniel started to get acquainted with his profession very early.

Shortly after graduation, he realized his great desire and founded Dentorium.

The love of dentistry and knowledge were profiled under the educational guidance and influence of world-renowned visionary dentists such as Stephan Clotten, Mauro Fradeni, Galip Gurel, Florin Cofar and Christian Coachman, who determined the course of Daniel's career and inspired the way we lead Dentorium today and approach to every patient .

Dr. Daniel Žgombić

An impeccable sense of smile aesthetics and the ability to solve even the most complex problems have been recognized by many of our patients, and today, Dr Daniel is one of several dentists in Croatia doing full-mouth rehabilitation at the world level. Health and restoration of function are the primary goals of every case for Dr Daniel. And perfect and harmonious smile - is a gift to both- the patient and us.

Besides all that, at his work, Dr. Daniel combines his two passions - dentistry and photography, resulting in a rich range of photographs that document and represent the work of Dentorium, making it transparent and accessible to all our patients and colleagues.

[SOON] Espresso with Daniel

Dr Daniel answers the frequently asked question - in which case we choose veneers, and when are the crowns a better option.

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