She joined Dentorium in 2008 after completing her studies at the School of Dental Medicine in Rijeka, and quickly recognized the way we work and approach to the patient we nurture in our dental practise.

Today, Dr Tijana stands side by side with Dr Daniel. At Dentorium she performs conservative dentistry, endodontic treatments and orthodontic therapy with Simply Smile aligners. In addition,she deals with prosthetic and periodontal treatments and facial aesthetics.

"With the crazy finger of destiny, to get into the right hands, at the right time, and start with this perspective, with this way of working and these standards- there is no going back, no average and no 'ok.'. There is only better, more challenging and more creative. With the team that supports and motivates you every single day, understands every look without a lot of words and dentistry that literally changes people's lives - for the better, of course. What more would one want? " Tijana said about her personal and professional evolution and her journey at Dentorium.

Patients tell us that with her gentle and calm hand, she is fully committed to the patient, making impossible possible, all with a smile on her face.

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