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Welcome to Dentorium, a dental studio in Rijeka with a unique butique approach that allows us to fully devote ourselves to you, our patient, and provide you with individualized service to meet the world standard.

The result of this approach is your beautiful smile and long-term solution to the problem

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Dentorium's unique approach and asisstance of a coordinator

We appreciate your time and the trust you place upon us when you decide to have your first dental exam with us.

Therefore, the first appointment at Dentorium is not only a formality, but the most important step in our relationship, after which you will be fully informed about your condition.

The first visit consists of two hourly arrivals that result in a detailed work plan.

Besides, it's important to us to provide plesant experience for you, and a transparent process along every step. Have you known that the minute you step into our dental studio, you are given an assistance of a coordinator? Vanessa is a link between you and the team. She is there to guide you, makes sure you fully understand every segment of work being done and helps you bring a well informed decision about therapy while taking your availability and financial abilities into consideration.

First dental exam consists two appointments and it includes:

  • Detailed Interview
  • Function and Health Examination
  • Photo - Video Protocol
  • Radiography and CT Scans
  • Detailed Analysses of your Current Health Condition, Oral Function and Aesthetics of your teeth
  • Determination of a Therapy Plan with coherent steps, timeframes and financials
What sets Dentorium apart from others is the combination of expertise, knowledge, precision, cordiality, understanding, accessibility and dedication. I knew from the first moment that they were different. The approach of dr. Žgombić and the team exceeded all my expectations.

- Mia

Full-mouth rehabilitation

Full-mouth rehabilitacija

Dentorium is one of the few, if not the only, dental clinic in Croatia to perform full-mouth rehabilitation at this level and to the highest of international standards. It is a challenging, individually tailored, therapy that combines aesthetics with the science of restorative dentistry.

We see every full-mouth rehabilitation as a kind of artistic and architectural work, approach to it systematically, regardless of complexity and duration, all in order to restore the patient's lost or impaired function and improve the health and aesthetics of the mouth.

The fear disappeared as I entered the Dentorium and was greeted by the smiles there. An indescribable level of expertise, dedication and meticulousness with ease and sincere cordiality have resulted in a radiant happiness. - Maja
Dr. Daniel Žgombić

Dr. Daniel Žgombić

Inspiration in the highest standard of aesthetics, unique approach to every patient and opportunity to learn from most important names in World's dentistry-those are the foundations upon which dr. Daniel Žgombić developed dental services of Dentorium studio in Rijeka.


Complex aesthetic rehabilitation with implants and ceramic crowns

Full functional-aesthetic rehabilitation

Complex functional-prosthetic-aesthetic rehabilitation

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