Patient: Sanja

Patient: Sanja

Functional-aesthetic rehabilitation of the whole jaw

Case and phases of work are planned with the DSD – Digital Smile Design (mock up + wax up, the video at the bottom shows a trial of the final work, before the start of therapy).

Sanja prije i poslije

The phases of work were as follows:

  • Conservative dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Gingivoplasty (balance of pink aesthetics)
  • Zirconium oxide crowns and zirconium oxide bridges
Sanja prije i poslije

Although there was not much deviation from the previous condition in the design itself, the change healed and freshened Sanja’s smile.

Sanja prije poslije 2

Sanja’s new smile!

Mock up smile before starting the therapy.

Case performed by: Daniel Žgombić, and Tijana Brajković Cindrić,
Technicians: Dental Studio Goran and Borko