About the durability of work and warranties in dentistry

Our world changed when we changed our attitude towards what we do. To create and discover new smiles is not the same as fixing teeth. Whether or not we like it, sometimes we inevitably need to cross the line of patients’ personal space to look for an impression, a feeling, their temper and character. We are looking for that invisible substance that brings a beautiful image to life. Regardless of our learned behaviour and the cover-ups of something we don’t like, at some point, we’ll arrive at that special smile we are looking for. Spontaneous and uncensored.

And that is just the beginning of the journey.

It is impossible to create something beautiful without loving it. But love and respect must go hand-in-hand.

Patients invest time and money, face fears and doubts, endure physical discomfort, and somehow the new and beautiful gets accepted as normal. However, to establish dental health is just a start and it needs to be regularly checked and preserved. The new challenge now is how to motivate patients to value what they have chosen to do for themselves.

One word. Education. Constant, even a bit annoying, but so necessary. The scenario in which a patient comes back with a problem, after he or she hasn’t done regular check-ups for several years is not the best one, but it happens. Even though it shouldn’t need to be that way.

That’s why we need to slightly annoy you every six months; it’s part of our job. Regular check-ups and cleaning of tartar is the warranty that enables us to take care of the work previously done.

Almost all dental problems are caused by tooth plaque that also impacts the surrounding tissues and creates inflammatory conditions.

Ceramic veneers and crowns do not change over the years, but what affects their longevity is the condition of the surrounding tissues and the amount of plaque build-up, which affect the healthy appearance of the gingiva.

Whether we are talking about health, or a new, beautiful smile, prevention is what ensures longevity and beauty, as along with timely reactions.

Our recommendation is to regularly visit your dentist to check and clean dental plaque, at least twice a year. So, whether you have ceramic shells, crowns, bridges, or dentures, contact your dentist, and if they didn’t remind you, make sure you remind them. Remember that whatever dental work you’ve had done, you shouldn’t wait for five years for the next check-up.

Why? Because life will reward us for a good attitude, in thousands of beautiful ways. That is the purpose of a smile: to smile back at life.

Do you have questions, or is it the time to go and get that check-up? Contact us!

The Dentorium Team