5 questions for Dr. Daniel

When providing a service, the best showcase of quality is passion for the business owners and their employees, which are embedded in their work. Everyone who knows Dr. Daniel will agree that, for him, dentistry is not just another job; it’s a calling that enables him to positively impact the lives of others. In addition to many innovative ideas, approaches, procedures and techniques, Dentorium is also known for its comprehensive patient approach, in which not a single question will be left without an answer. To get to know him better, we asked Dr. Daniel several questions, which certainly did not go unanswered ?.

1. Daniel, where do you find inspiration for your work?

Dentistry is a miracle. Like everything in life. We can look at it as a set of techniques used to treat decayed teeth, or as an opportunity that can literally put back a smile on someone’s face, ignite a spark of change, and “hit the mark”. The feeling I get when a patient is truly happy about their personal change creates my “wow” effect and continues to be my biggest inspiration.

Another source of inspiration is the Dentorium clinic, which is like an oasis for me, where I’m free to do things my way, under the conditions I create. It inspires me and I think I succeeded in developing Dentorium as a true haven, in which everything from the working environment, to professional techniques, shared knowledge, interpersonal relationships, work ethics, communication and atmosphere make it stand out from other facilities.

2. Was there a specific moment that defined your career?

There were a lot of moments that shaped me, both as a dentist and as a human being, but I would definitely single out the meeting and collaboration I had with Dr. Clotten 20 years ago. As a junior doctor, I already had ideas of how dentistry should look and how surgeries should provide services to their patients. I wasn’t always understood and, to some, my ideas seemed too progressive, so they were rejected as unsustainable. I always made sure not to miss an opportunity for education so, right after university, I applied to and attended all the additional programs I could find.

It was at a congress in Germany where I first met Dr. Clotten. Although I had heard about his approaches and work, which were very inspiring and advanced, I saw him live for the first time at that congress. For me, the opportunity to meet him personally created an adrenaline spike. I gathered up my courage, visited his office and introduced myself, after which these words simply burst out of me, as if a higher force was saying them: “I would like to watch while you work.” To my amazement, his response was “What are you interested in?” I told him I liked implantology and aesthetics and he told me to come on Wednesday at 8, but then I added, “In fact, everything interests me.” He replied, “Come tomorrow by 8 am.”

When I came to the office the next day a new robe was waiting for me with my name on it!!! I was thrilled, but the best was yet to come. Dr. Clotten was there for me all the time, tirelessly answering all my questions and allowing me to be present with him all day. I had a joke that the only place I wasn’t following him was the toilet! ? Those days were wonderful; I felt connected to “the source” and was delighted by his knowledge, approach, wisdom and generosity.

When I finally asked how I could thank him for this unique opportunity, he told me his story. He said that, as a young doctor, he also met a famous doctorial professor who, although he did not teach the most attractive parts of dentistry, was a great source of knowledge. He requested that he show him everything he knew about dentistry. He opened his knowledge “treasure chest” to him and selflessly poured out everything he knew to that young man. When asked how I can repay him, he said, “One day when you are an experienced doctor, a student will appear in your life who will be eager to learn more. Show him everything, tell him everything you know, intoxicate him with knowledge – that’s how you will repay me.” And that’s what he did. When he told me that, I knew I would do it one day. I did…

daniel sa studentom dentorium
Dr. Daniel with his student

3. What was the biggest challenge in your career?

The biggest challenge was certainly not to succumb to “classical” dentistry, but to stay true to my ideals and dreams. It was a challenge to withstand the financial insecurity in my early days and stay persistent in my vision of creating Dentorium as a dentistry practice where the patient’s first appointment takes between one and two hours, where everyone is happy to come to work, and where they can grow both personally and professionally. Today I can proudly say that I succeeded in that with my team, but for many years it was a very big challenge.

4. Who was the biggest inspiration in your career?

I have met many role models, motivators and fascinating people in my life. However, my biggest inspiration in dentistry is definitely my father. He was a pioneer in dentistry always driven to help people. Although our opinions often differed, which is common between different generations, he remains the greatest inspiration that instilled in me a love of dentistry.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

If I can still come to work with the passion I possess now, I see myself in dentistry. I told myself that I would be in dentistry as long as I feel there’s passion in me for this job. I deserve that, but more than that, my colleagues and patients deserve that kind of approach.