Prevention for a healthy smile

Today, prevention is the biggest trend in creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile.

A quality dental check-up and tooth cleaning could be the only time you are visiting a dentist, so be your own judge in defining how important these appointments are to you.

Oral hygiene is divided in two parts: one you do at home and the other at the dental practice, with the mechanical cleaning of tartar and a regular control every 6 months.

How do tooth plaque and deposits form?

The formation of tartar is mostly influenced by food consumption and lifestyle habits.

If we do not do regular cleaning, dental plaque grows which causes an increase in bacteria in the mouth which can lead to:

  • caries (cavities)
  • gingivitis (inflammation of the gingiva)
  • periodontitis (inflammation of the supporting tissue of the tooth, which eventually results in the loss of many teeth)
  • periodontal pockets

We recommend that you obtain a professional removal of the soft and hard deposits and plaque twice a year, or even more if necessary, while maintaining regular personal oral hygiene (of course). Everyone who has undergone a tooth cleaning treatment knows well the pleasant feeling of the freshly polished and shiny teeth.

A detailed dental examination is equally important and should also be done twice a year, either before or right after the tooth cleaning treatment.

What is our practice in prevention?

We see education as the most powerful tool in trying to positively change attitudes and life habits.

We make sure we are reminding and contacting patients every 6 months, where the examination and cleaning of dental plaque is not only an appointment for ensuring preventive measures, but also a control and guarantee of work.

Dentorium dental surgeries use microscopic magnifiers with 4.5x magnification, which enable precise detection of the smallest changes in tooth enamel in the form of caries.

Very often, small carious lesions are not seen as being important, although this is the most ideal time for fixing the tooth with greatest level of success, thus preventing further dental problems.

Unfortunately, when small caries are neglected, a large number of teeth end up in the trash can.

A healthy smile is both a choice and an attitude showing that you respect your health.

Have you noticed that all the big problems used to be small in the past?

Isn’t it wiser, then, to face them before they grow?

You are always welcome to contact us, either for more information or to book an appointment!

With love,
The Dentorium Team