Patient: Ana

Patient: Ana

Aesthetic case

My experience at the Dentorium was unique and extraordinary, I was most impressed by the relaxed atmosphere, pleasant ambience and professional approach. I don’t think anyone has ever photographed me as many times as Dr. Žgombić and in the beginning all that photography was very unusual for me. Dr. Žgombić made my long-term wish come true, and that is a beautiful smile. I am delighted with the result. I thank dr. Žgombić and his team because with their expertise, professionalism and kindness they made me as a patient calm, safe and finally satisfied with the outcome. Now I laugh with a smile from ear to ear.

– Ana

AnaT prije poslije

The case was planned with DSD – Digital Smile Design, and we used full ceramic crowns for the aesthetic final solution.

The final work was preceded by teeth whitening.

No dental treatment was required.

Case performed by: Daniel Žgombić,
Technicians: Dental InPuls (Dt.Mauro Ahmić)