What do our patients say?

No one can better describe our work and approach than our patients.

When, after a long search for a dental studio, I have finally landed on Dentorium page I just knew, upon seeing their wonderful, qualified team and transformation of their satisfied patients that I had to be one of them.

Even the first visit, which was beyond all my expectations, showed me I had come to the right place. The atmosphere at the Studio is pleasant, so calming that one quickly forgets about one's fear of dentist.

I am impressed with the whole team, they are extremely professional, kind and to them patient care always comes first.

Many thanks to dr Daniel Žgombić and the wonderful team for the new smile that I no longer need to hide. You have met all my expectations and I will happily recommend you to anyone needing your services, because for me- you are the best. - Maja

You know that feeling when you want something in your life, but you constantly put it away for later, and then you see beautiful photographs of satisfied patients and you think : “I would love to have a smile like that“- this is how my story with Dentorium dental studio started.

Somehow, from the beginning I had this „right“ feeling and after the initial exam when Dr Zgombic introduced DSD concept I knew I was in the right place and in the right hands. Everything turned out as he promised it would, beautiful teeth, wide smile and somehow, a new me.

Super team, Dr Tijana and Mia, everyone made great efforts to make me satisfied.
There was lots of laughter and encouragement, and the moment is enough to forget where you really are.
At the entrance, you're always greeted by smiling and pro Martina, you can ask her countless questions.. Thank you darling!

Dr. Daniel who loves his job, dedicates himself to the patients to the max and has a perfect eye for every detail that brings you to an impeccable smile. To get over the fear he recognizes immediately, he throws in interesting stories too.
The ambience is pleasant and there is always great music there.
- Suzana V.

To my beloved Dentorium team, They say you meet some people for a reason, and just like that I walked into Dentorium studio, and you walked into my life and gifted me with more beautiful and healthier smile.

I met a wonderful, professional team bursting with contagious enthusiasm they spread around. Thank you to dr Daniel Žgombic and dr Tijana Brajkovic Cindric, to nurses Ana and Mia and to photo expert Martina.

Keep spreading smiles among people. Keep smiling! I <3 you! - Aleksandra

Wow, where to start? My arrival to Dentorium was well planned. I had been preparing for make-over for almost a year. I wanted my teeth to be healthier, brighter, happier, and of course, I had to make a good choice and decide whom to entrust such a job to.

Searching the Internet, from Osijek, Zagreb; looking for that wizard who will find a way to recognize that spark that has been in me for some time. Three dentists were shortlisted- to check in person, to find out where to start- and of course the choice was the Dentorium team.

First of all, dr Žgombić is an easygoing, approachable person that knows how to listen, who tirelessly answers your questions, quickly resolving all doubts, dedicated to the patient completely. You feel like your case has been his thesis and you feel important. And now, 10 months after- I shine, my smile is mine again, my teeth are healthy, happy and beautiful.

I love to laugh and even if years change me, I will know that my smile has stayed in time, intact, young. I warmly recommend it to anyone who knows what they want, to anyone who wants a smile, not just teeth.

I am richer for the smile, and the bits of their warm souls, which I received with each visit. I remain theirs. - Sanja

Being aware that my oral situation was more than complex, for years I was searching for solution through different dental studios. Only in Dentorium my impression was that they truly do have the best solution. Before all, my feeling was that they knew what they were doing.

At first impression, they had my trust. I would like to thank dr. Tijana Brajkovic-Cindric for reassuring me and giving me this feeling of trust during first visit, which was confirmed by dr. Daniel Zgombic who diagnosed, planned and solved my problem with successful result.

Dentorium team make pleasant dental assistants and coordinators who contribute to the overall relaxing atmosphere.

I got my widest smile in Dentorium! - Jasna

My name is Ilaria, I live in Veneto, in Italy. My experience with Dentorium was born as a continuation of previous works, which have not had a good ending. I found myself with an occlusion that did not properly fit with the upper jaw, which caused the teeth to move over time.

I have visited dozens of dental surgeries trying to solve the problem, the answers were different and very often my problem was not understood. For this reason, I decided to go to Croatia, but the choice was not easy.

Searching through various websites, the Dentorium page appeared; the photos spoke for themselves! I contacted them immediately and made an appointment!

The first visit was a relief for me; thorough, documented with DSD (DigitalSmileDesign) which gave me the opportunity to see the final result.

I organized myself by train to Trieste and by bus to Rijeka. Dr. Tijana performed all the dental treatments and complete restaurations of the upper anterior teeth and the work was already exceptional!

Dr. Daniel intervened with a gingivoplasty, sinus lift and dental implants to replace missing teeth.

All I can say about all the materials is in the superlative. The teeth are no different from the real ones and in the sunlight their transparency is wonderful, which is amazing. The smile is natural and unchanged.

Thanks to Dr. Daniel and Dr. Tijana, professionals and experts who work with passion. Barbara, Mia, Martina and Vanessa, always kind and ready to assist. Thank you so much! - Ilaria

I had the good fortune to come to know about the work of dr.Daniel Zgombic and his team at Dentorium clinic in Rijeka. Not only did I discover an expert in his field who solved the dental issue I had been obsessively suffering from for some time, but also an authentic craftsman who combines technical know-how with an innate sense of revealing beauty in any person who becomes his patient through his artful photography.

But this would be an incomplete assessment if i would not add the support of each lovely member of his team at creating a feeling of well-being for patients in this no ordinary dental clinic, where you can experience successful teamwork in action.

I felt welcome in every possible way, was given beforehand all necessary information about treatment proposed whilst the relaxed atmosphere in the waiting salon dispelled any anxiety I might have had before any dental session. This is a top dental clinic which I can only warmly recommend! - Marie

To smile, and yet to say nothing, it is a heart and a soul talk.

Wonderful and professional team of Dentorium has helped me express myself through a smile that will enchant everyone. I can’t describe my happiness because of it, nor express how much I recommend the Dentorium team to you. So I will just smile with my beautiful smile and it will make you will feel all my emotions.

And once again, thank you so much Dentorium! - Danijela

To the most wonderful Dentorium team!
Radiating smile is the most wonderful thing someone can possess. It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, like this, in this case I can say, the smile is the mirror of happiness. What to say? The best of the best!

What Dentorium sets apart from all others is the combination of expertise, knowledge, heartiness, understanding, hospitality and dedication. From the first visit I knew they were different! Approach of dr. Zgombic has surpassed all my expectations.

Already upon arrival in the clinic you feel a certain warmth, everybody is always smiling, happy and beautiful. Competence in diagnostics, and the way the whole team treats you, the patient, is before all, humane and sincere. You are not just a number, regardless the reason that brings you to visit Dentorium; aesthetics, health…

Like in everything, when it comes to our health, we all have lots of questions, here always answered by dr. Zgombic and the rest of the team. Moreover, dr. Zgombic will describe the whole process you will be going through, to chase away your doubts or fears you might have, in a very simple way understandable to us laics. Truly, not one answer does not remain unanswered.

Finding the best possible solution that resolves your case. Vision that in my case, had dr. Zgombic, it was a lot better than my own.

Dedication, precision and passion that dr. Zgombic and dr. Brajkovic – Cindric invest in your smile is unmeasurable. One of the great virtues of this team is that they are really always here for you. Flexibility and accommodation to your schedule is one more asset this team possesses.

Having so much trust in someone as I have in you, is truly a rarity. From the heart I wish you abundance of success and happy patients. Stay always like this, contagiously positive, passionate and dedicated. - Mia

As with every new year we all think of what have we accomplished and what is yet to achieve, In January 2013 I have decided to realize my long-standing wish - to beautify my smile, to finally become pleased with it and smile without fear.

I noticed the professionalism, kindness and individuality of Dentorium's approach at the first meeting. If there were ever doubts in me about that desire, after the first meeting and examination with Dr. Žgombić, I became sure that with the expertise and dedication of the Dentorium team, nothing can go wrong.

The Dentorium team led by Dr. D. Žgombić lived up to all my expectations and in less than a month they made my dream come true - a new smile. I am extremely pleased with Digital Smile Design, that helped creating my new smile in the best possible way and in a very short time.

The reactions of my loved ones were more than positive. Everyone commented that I was a different person since I laughed "from the heart" or "with full lungs". This external change has brought a lot - self-confidence, reasurance and a more positive attitude towards everything around me. I would advise all those who think similarly to me not to doubt it and to put their trust in Dentorium. I'm sure they won't regret it! - Daria

After numerous negative and painful experiences with non-professional dentists from earlier days, the fear that developed prevented me from visiting any dental office for years.

Although I tried to maintain dental hygiene, after all these years, the time finally came when a visit to the dentist could no longer be postponed. After studying the information available on a number of private practices, I finally decided to visit Dentorium. And I was not disappointed. The beautifully decorated, modern and immaculately clean space, and the professional and approachable staff full of understanding for my previous dental traumas exceeded my expectations.

During all the necessary treatments, I was not afraid of pain or unprofessional results. Every repair and every filling was done with precision and aesthetics at the highest level. After such a positive experience, I recommended Dentorium to my husband, who was as satisfied with their services as I was.

Although I live in Norway now, Dentorium is still my perfect dental office and destination. For this reason, I would recommend Dentorium to anyone looking for the best for themselves and their teeth. - Ivana

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