Aesthetics is the final stage, the design of your teeth.

Very often, it is just a direct result of a well-done functional phase. Namely, the ideal functional position of the teeth, which includes mimicry, phonetics and mastication (chewing), is actually also the ideal aesthetic position.

However, according to your needs and desires, and when taking into consideration your face, personality and age, we can make your smile perfect by using design, digital planning, and the best materials available in the world (be it veneers, crowns or just bleaching).

Dentalni implantanti

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are a restorative, highly aesthetic but minimally invasive treatment, that corrects discoloration and irregularities in tooth shape.

Ceramic veneers behave like natural teeth when it comes to resilience, functionality and aesthetics and completely restore the natural glow and aesthetics of a smile. Veneers can solve many aesthetic as well as orthodontic defects, they are extremely popular because they require minimal preparation of the tooth and are gentle in the form of gums, without causing inflammation and withdrawal of the gingiva.

During the waiting period for the placement of permanent veneers, patients receive temporary ones that will protect prepared teeth until technicians make permanent ceramic veneers. After adjusting and any corrections, veneers are permanently cemented.

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns, also known as porcelain casings or porcelain crowns, are permanent solution used when your natural teeth are functionally inadequate or aesthetically damaged.

The choice of materials of ceramic crowns depends on the individual case, and is determined by the tooth position (the current condition) and the desired end result. The goal is to strengthen the damaged tooth and restore its completely natural appearance and function.

The dental crowns are made of ceramics that mimic the tooth color, and in Dentorium we use complete ceramic crowns or zirconia ceramic crowns that are meeting the natural appearance, transparency, biocompatibility, durability and strength.

The tooth crown mount procedure requires the preparation of a tooth and the patient will receive a temporary crown while the permanent ceramic crown is manufactured in the laboratory. The whole procedure is completely painless and is performed under local anesthesia.

After the adjustments and any corrections, the crown is cemented onto the natural tooth or, as the case may be, on the dental implant.


Orthodontics - mobile and fixed

Orthodontic therapy helps to preserve your natural tooth structure to the maximum and allow a minimally invasive approach in case of further reconstructive aesthetic work (dental crowns or veneers).

In this type of therapy, we work with the orthodontists and guide them through a therapy plan that has each phase, duration and end goal is digitally planned in advance.

The process begins with Digital Smile Design, that defines our future teeth positions by functional and aesthetic rules. Depending on your case, at this stage we will see if mobile orthodontics (aligners) or fixed orthodontic appliance is better for you.

All of these are also instructions to the orthodontist about the end point of your therapy. A therapy is, throughout its duration, multidisciplinary and communicated mutualy by Dentorium and your orthodontist to achieve the ideal function and aesthetics. All is done to achieve a minimally invasive treatment for your teeth.

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