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Dentorium is one of the few, if not the only, dental clinic in Croatia that performs full-mouth rehabilitation at the highest world standards.

Full-mouth rehabilitation or full-mouth reconstruction is a dental procedure that includes treatment of all teeth, restoration of structures in the mouth, treatment of gingiva and other surgical procedures and, because of its complexity and specificity, it is considered a kind of artistic and architectural work.

Each rehabilitation is unique because of the unique condition of each patient and we approach every one of them systematically and with a plan.

Dentorium's full-mouth rehabilitation approach is based on a detailed diagnosis of the current state, a thorough understanding of the cause of the problem, and determination of an overall solution plan to optimally restore the patient's lost or impaired function and improve the health and aesthetics of the mouth - regardless of complexity and duration.

The whole approach is divided into simple steps - according to the priorities of health, function and aesthetics, which aim to bring the patient to a healthy and functionally stable condition.

First appointment

The first visit consists of two arrivals.

On your first arrival, we gather information that will help us get a detailed picture and allow us to plan the rehabilitation in the most efficient and transparent way. This is especially important for extremely complex reconstructions.

With a pleasant but informative talk, we will make:

  • Functional and health examination
  • Photo - video protocol that involves capturing faces from multiple angles (photos and video)
  • Radiograph images
  • CT scans

In the time between your first and second arrival, our team will analyze the information collected.

Upon second arrival, we will sit down with you in front of the screens, with images and to the details elaborate to you all the information, analyze the current health, function and aesthetics of the teeth, and explain the treatment options.

Full-mouth rehabilitacija-slucaj

Digital Smile Design, Wax up and Mock up

All of our work is based on cutting edge Digital Smile Design technology.

Virtual smile simulation, made possible by DSD, is an important and powerful tool - not only for the dental team, when it facilitates diagnosis, process planning, communication and execution, but also for the patient, who can experience a new smile in a virtual environment, before we start with the therapy, even before making the important decisions.

Digital Smile Design can help us with creating the perfect teeth and unique smiles that will fit the anatomy and personality of each patient, and will provide essential, direct and transparent insight into the financial aspect of therapy.

Determining the therapy plan

Based on the analysis, in collaboration with you, we will determine a therapy plan and clearly define the steps of work, the duration of therapy and the finances.

In this way, we have ensured that you, as a patient, are directly involved in deciding therapy.


Depending on the case, rehabilitation may include implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, surgical treatments and, for some patients, orthodontic treatment, all in order to achieve the ultimate result in the most effective and least invasive way possible.

The first examination was a relief to me; detailed, documented with DSD (DigitalSmileDesign) which gave me a chance to see the final result.

- Ilaria

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