For a truly beautiful smile, no matter what dental procedure is involved, it is necessary to start from the step of health and understand its primary importance.

The health plan is the base, a first step in therapy and therefore there should be no compromise at this stage. It is only after we have ensured that everything in the mouth is healthy, weather assisted by aesthetic restorations (filling) or endodontics, does the planned surgical, functional or aesthetic solution comes into consideration.

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Aesthetic restorations

Aesthetic restorations or fillings remove caries or old amalgam fillings.

Aesthetic restorations completely copy the natural appearance, color and shape of the teeth, while the extremely important functional condition of contact of the upper and lower teeth is satisfied.

In our work we use a cofferdam technique that enables high precision of aesthetic restorations and eliminates the absorption of heavy metals into the body (especially important when removing amalgam fillings). Everything is done under local anesthesia, there is no pain while the doctors are calm and with gentle hands.

To maintain fillings made this way enough is to polish them on yearly controls, and given the exceptional quality, they last for years.


Endodontics / endo treatment or root canal treatment is one of the most common dental treatments, and is performed when the pulp of your tooth is damaged by trauma or bacterial infection from deep caries (the most common cause of toothache).

Because of the potential for tooth loss and the effect on overall health, root canal treatment is among the priorities in health therapy. We aim not only to save the tooth, but also to respond in time even before the inflammation process has progressed.

Treatment is done in two stages / appointments:

1. Cleaning, widening and disinfection of canals and medication
2. Removal of the medication and filling of the root canal, reinforcement of canals and filling or, as the case may be, preparation for the crown.

All endo treatments at Dentorium are performed under local anesthesia and with the help of a microscope, whose extraordinary precision enables us the highest quality of work.

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