For a truly beautiful smile, no matter what dental treatment is involved, it is necessary to start from the step of health and understand its primary importance.

The health plan is the base ,a first step into the therapy and therefore there should be no compromise at this stage. It is only when we have ensured that everything in the mouth is healthy, whether by aesthetic restorations (filling) or endodontics, does the planned surgical, functional or aesthetic solution come into play.

Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of dental medicine that includes surgical procedures, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

Dental surgery is closely related to implantology and periodontology, and includes procedures such as dental implant placement, periodontal surgery (perioplasty), gingivoplasty, wisdom tooth removal, sinus lift, cyst removal, and complex tooth extraction.

Prothetics / Aesthetics

Aesthetics, very often, are just a direct result of a well-done functional phase. Namely, the ideal functional position of the teeth, which includes mimicry, phonetics and mastication (chewing), is actually the ideal aesthetic position.

However, according to your needs and desires, and taking into consideration your face, personality and age, we can make your smile perfect, by design, digital planning, and using the best materials available in the world. Ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns, orthodontics, teeth whitening and other methods are available, and the overall result is a natural smile and a harmony of the whole - biology, function and aesthetics.