Complex aesthetic rehabilitation with implants and ceramic crowns

With the help of DSD - Digital Smile Design (video mock up below) we got the exact measurements for:

  • Future positions and shape of teeth
  • Required dimensions for gingivectomy
  • Positions for placing two implants

Therapy plan in chronological order:

  • Gingivectomy
  • Immediate mounting of implants with temporary crowns
  • Connective tissue graft, which allowed us to preserve the volume of soft tissues
  • Teeth whitening
  • Emax ceramic crowns on implants with individual zirconium abutment
  • Emax ceramic crowns

When losing teeth in the aesthetic zone (the front), the greatest challenge is to preserve soft tissues, ie. surrounding gums. Due to the limited tissue resource, a precise and predictable plan is of utmost im-portance.

Case performed by: Daniel Zgombić, and Tijana Brajković Cindrić,

Technicians: DentalInPuls (Dt.Mauro Ahmić, Dt.Sandi Trkulja Jasna's new smile :)

Jasna’s brand new smile :)

Mock up smile before the start of the therapy