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Trustworthy expertise and authority of knowledge

Dentorium studio is the outcome of 40 years of continuous progress through two generations of dentists. Our story of excellence began with the vision and desire of Dr. Daniel Žgombić to bring the world standard of dentistry to Rijeka.

Inspired and taught by the world visionaries of dental medicine, Dr. Žgombić decided to move away from traditional dentistry and set new standards, which we continue to use today at Dentorium.

Our values

At Dentorium, we believe it is our professional and human duty to make you feel safe and guided. Honesty, transparency and direct, open and healthy communication are the basis on which we build relationships with our patients, always providing plenty opportunity for questions and conversation so you can understand well the decisions you make.

By implementing cutting-edge digital technologies, constant education, insistence on the highest standard of communication and the use of innovative, high quality materials, we stand side by side with the world's authorities in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we are among the rare, if not the only, dental studio in Croatia that performs the most challenging work by the highest international standards, such as full-mouth rehabilitation and complex aesthetic therapies.

Meet our professional team
Dr. Daniel Žgombić

Dr. Daniel Žgombić

The unsurpassed sense of smile aesthetics and the ability to solve even the most complex problems have been recognized by many of our patients, and Dr Daniel Žgombić is one of the leading dentists in Europe today when it comes to dealing with complex dental cases.

Dr. Tijana Brajković Cindrić

After joining Dentorium in 2008, and due to her personal and professional evolution, Dr Tijana is now the right hand of Dr Daniel. She is constantly educated in Croatia and abroad, and at Dentorium she leads endodontic and periodontal treatments and the orthodontic therapies.

Dr. Tijana Brajković Cindrić
Meet the team
Vanessa Pibernik

Vanessa Glavina, coordinator

Did you know that as soon as you enter Dentorium, you get your coordinator? Vanessa is the link between you and the rest of the Dentorium team, advising you and taking care of your experience. Already during your first visit, Vanessa will ensure that you fully understand each stage of work and help you make an informed decision about therapy, given your time and financial resources. All this with endless patience, kindness and a wide smile.

Barbara Jukić

Barbara Jukić, dental assistant

Barbara's speed and efficiency, sheer responsibility and autonomy greatly aid the workflow of our dental practice, where, very often, great knowledge and a small measured gesture are crucial to the patient's decision and attitude. Barbara brings a tremendous amount of experience in the medical profession to the team, a complete commitment to the patient and the work, and an openness to innovations in dentistry.

Mia Miškulin - Miočić, dental assistant

Mia je naša dentalna asistentica koja se timu pridružila 2014 god. Nakon završene srednje medicinske škole, smjera fizioterapeut, Mia nastavlja školovanje na Stručnom studiju fizioterapije gdje dobiva zvanje prvostupnika. Kroz rad u Dentoriumu, na naše veliko oduševljenje, zavoljela je novu profesiju, i dodatno završila školu za dentalnog asistenta u Zagrebu. Iznimno je temeljit, fokusiran i pouzdan član tima, svakom doktoru i pacijentu čini rad lakšim i ugodnijim. 2017 god. Mia je upisala školovanje na Medicinskom fakultetu u Rijeci, smjera dentalni higijeničar.

I had the good fortune to come to know about the work of dr.Daniel Zgombic and his team at Dentorium clinic in Rijeka

- Marie

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